Explore Some Easy IELTS Reading Tips

Reading skills of each student, undertaking IELTS exam, are determined on the basis of 40 questions which are answered according to context of multiple passages given. These questions carry one mark each with increasing difficulty level. Though, practice is needed but there are some additional tips and techniques that can help to pull high band score. For that, try to implement following IELTS reading tips:

#1. Read passages and questions thoroughly
It is highly important to understand the main concept of each passage in order to learn central idea around which answers revolve. Look out for headings, subheadings, dates, pictures and any character that may have a significant role.

#2. You Must Read Instructions
Instructions differ for each question in IELTS reading test. They always indicate clear steps on how to attempt given questions. For example, number of words to be used, words to avoid using from text of passages or how much time. It’s better to read instructions carefully and avoid losing marks because of this silly mistake.

Top Strategies used in IELTS reading test

#3. Spelling and Grammar are Important
Both, spelling and grammar are evaluated in IELTS reading test. Make sure to proofread your answers and look for any incorrect spelling or grammatical errors. Mistakes in these areas can lead to loss of band score right away.

#4. Skip when Stuck
You must have heard of this advice a million times before every exam and same goes for IELTS exam. Do not spend way too much time on a single question. Otherwise, you’ll miss the chance of attempting questions you DO know the answer to!

#5. Learn Synonyms
Oftentimes, words used in questions are used in context of passages too. They may indicate somewhat similar meanings, but overall sentence might be different. So to master IELTS reading test, find out proper meanings as asked in questions.

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