IELTS Preparation Tips 2018!

Expert Tips to Crack IELTS Exam 2018!

As IELTS exam is all set to take place this year, lakhs of students might be looking up for brilliant ideas that could help them grab this exam. So, are you among them? Does a thought of appearing in IELTS exam give you goosebumps?  Well, no worries! If you have made your mind to pursue your career abroad, then IELTS is an exam that will help you fulfill your dream to study abroad. However, to make this dream come true, you need to prepare smartly for the upcoming IELTS exam 2018. To excel in 1 among 4 sections won’t solely help you, as you need to prepare equally for each section.

So, here’re some IELTS preparation tips 2018 to help you clear your IELTS exam:

Listening Test Tips:

  • When appearing for IELTS listening exam, make sure, you read the instructions carefully instead of just glancing at it.
  • After following the instructions, listen to every information carefully or specific information that you might be looking for.
  • Don’t spend too much time on every question and switch to the next question immediately
  • Try anticipating speaker’s words to find out the answer. It’s important to note that sometimes a speaker commits a mistake and then correct themselves, so make sure to observe what they say

Reading Test Tips:

  • In IELTS reading test, you need to quickly predict the paragraph from the beginning of the sentence mentioned
  • Make sure to check headings, titles, capital letters, graphs, underline, tables, etc.
  • Also, carefully understand the questions along with instructions mentioned.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to the time span allotted and don’t spend so much time on a single passage.
  • Use singular and plural words carefully. Also, don’t change the form of words and use them as it is.

Speaking Test Tips:

  • The most important tip for English IELTS speaking test is to talk fluently and be impulsive
  • Also, while talking, make sure to stay relaxed and confident, instead of being nervous as it will create a wrong impression in front of an examiner
  • Never learn any answer, as an examiner will spot you and change the question
  • Also, try to express your opinions, as an examiner will assess you on your communication ability

Writing Test Tips:

  • When preparing for IELTS writing test, break down each topic and accordingly spend time in making notes
  • Make use of paragraphs carefully and try to insert an idea in each paragraph
  • Highlights the keywords mentioned in the tasks to focus on what you need to do
  • Also, manage your time carefully while attempting task 2 just like task 1
  • Moreover, it’s very important to mind the usage of words in each task, as you might lose your marks if you fail to write 150 words in the task1 and 250 words in task 2

So, these are some of the influential tips that will somehow help you crack IELTS exam 2018. However, apart from this, mandatory IELTS coaching is required from a reputed IELTS institute. Well, one institute that has obtained a track record of helping students obtains a good IELTS score is none other than British IELTS. It is one of the best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh. So, here’s wishing you a Good Luck!



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