Exclusive Tips To Improve Grammar For IELTS Exam

Grammar computes set of rules that explain how to form sentences and arrange words in order to convey correct meaning. And hence, English learners must learn some basic building blocks of using correct grammar for IELTS preparation. Let’s begin with reviewing important tips to improve and avoid grammatical errors.

#1. Read More
Read Magazines, Newspapers, Novels, Blogs, whichever you find interesting. When you start reading regularly, you get accustomed to tricks and techniques of sentence formation. It also exposes you to a lot of subjects that you might not be familiar with, thereby, increasing your vocabulary.

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#2. Using ‘s And s’ Correctly
One common mistake committed by people is using ‘s and s’ incorrectly. Rule to use these properly? ‘S is used for single person or object. For example, “Tina’s mother works in pharmaceutical company” or “My car’s bumper broke down”.
On the other hand, s’ is used for many people or objects. Example, “Both parents’ presence is needed during parent teacher meeting.”british-ielts#3. Difference Between- Their, They’re And There
You must know the exact meaning of these to attain proficiency in field of grammar for IELTS exam.
‘Their’ is possessive, meaning it owns something or belongs to someone – “Their car was parked outside.”
‘They’re’ means “they are”- “They’re parking their car outside”
‘There’ is used to refer a place or idea – “Car was parked there”.

#4. Also, ‘I’ And “Me”
You must know where ‘I’ is called for and where ‘Me’ is. ‘I’ comes before a verb whereas ‘Me” comes after a verb. For example, “My friend and I went to the movies” and “My friend did not invite me for the party”.

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tips-for-ielts#5. Apostrophes
An apostrophe is a punctuation mark (‘) used to indicate either possession or the omission of letters or numbers. Correct usage of apostrophes are a must to score those extra bands of grammar for IELTS exam.

#6. Use Of Other Punctuation
Punctuation is used in a writing to separate sentences or clauses to make it’s meaning more clearer. It’s important to learn more of these to present better writing skills.

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