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Do I need to clear IELTS to work in Canada?

Planning to move Canada on a work permit? Confused whether to take IELTS or not? Then, this article would be of great help to you. To prove your English, you must have to take IELTS test. IELTS test is of two types- IELTS Academic and IELTS General and for work visa you have to clear IELTS General test. Results of IELTS General exam will certify you as an eligible candidate for work visa in Canada.

Canadian Language Requirementscanadian language requirements

Canada uses Canadian Language Benchmarks(CLB) as its national standards to test the English language level of an adult immigrant who wish to move Canada on work permit. So if you meet CLB, then it would be easy to get Canadian work visa.

How much IELTS Scores are required for work permit in Canada?

As we all are bit aware of IELTS Test- It awards you scores from 1-9, there is no pass or fail. How much scores are required for your visa, are decided by the Canadian Government or professional organization or individual association to which you are applying for. You can check Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to find out which CLB standard you have to meet to get work visa to Canada. Also you will get an idea- how much IELTS scores are required. They are different for different job profile and for industry.

canadian work visa after ieltsMinimum age

Minimum age required to prove English language proficiency to get eligible for Canadian citizenship has now set up at 14. Since June 2015, all the applicants who fall between the age group of 14-64 have to meet the language proficiency requirements. These requirements are set out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Previously this age bracket was 18-54 years. But now onwards, if an individual is of 14 years, s/he has to pass through these requirements.

Prepare for your IELTS test

To get successful results in IELTS test, you have to prepare yourself up to the best. First important thing is to build your communication skills, improve your vocabulary and focus on spoken English. Also work on your personality. Above all, the most important thing is – to seek a good institute for IELTS Coaching. A good IELTS institute is the one that takes care of all the things that help you to pass the test. For having all such traits, British IELTS is considered as the top class IELTS Coaching institute in Chandigarh.PREPARE FOR IELTS 2016

Why British IELTS?

IELTS Preparation is an important part of this overall process. It includes four modules- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. One has to pass all the four modules to pass this IELTS test. British IELTS is a coaching institute which has been in the market for last many year. It has thousands of successful pass outs. All these students are either studying or doing job in different countries of the world. This institute possesses an expert staff who educate the students to clear the IELTS exam with high band score. Our teachers point out the weakness of the students and work upon it until these weak points turn into their strengths. Teacher’s motive is to make you understand all the basic and advanced concepts of IELTS. The timing of the institute is very flexible and you can choose any of them that suits your routine. They also provide practice material besides giving you training at the institute, so that you can also practice at your home as well and come out with new queries. Join British IELTS. You would surely appreciate your choice when you will clear IELTS exam with 7+ bands.

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