Different Linking Words For IELTS Exam

What are Linking Words/Phrases?
Linking words, also known as ‘connective’ or ‘transition’ words, are useful in combining two sentences or clauses. These linking words are used in various forms, such as while representing contrast, comparisons, conditions, etc. They determine clear connections between two entities. While expanding your vocabulary for IELTS, make sure to learn usage of linking words/ phrases in writing and speaking section.

How Linking Words Help?
Linking words help to improve fluency in English by forming longer sentences. Every sentence, paragraph or thought can be systematically connected to each other using these linking words for IELTS success. Linking words can be used as a part of speech (Speaking section) and bringing together ideas (in Writing Section).

A Linker can be used in multiple situations and some of these are:

#1. While stating your opinion, you can use from the list below:

According to me I realize that
I suppose It appears that
In my opinion I imagine
From my point of view From my perspective

#2. You can use following linking words for IELTS when giving examples:

Such as That is
In other words For example
To illustrate To paraphrase
Namely For instance

#3. When you are to compare, use following linker:

Similar to Just as
Either.. or As.. as
Neither.. nor At the same time
In the same way Also

#4. When stating contrasting clauses, use following linking words for IELTS:

Although Differ from
However Alternatively
On the other hand Otherwise
Instead Though

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#5. When generalizing , use:

Generally speaking It seems to me that
For the most part All things considered
Essentially Overall
On the whole Basically

#6. While showing effect of something, use following linking words for IELTS:

Consequently Eventually
For this reason The reason why
As a result Hence
Thereby Therefore

#7. When adding information to already stated fact, you can use:

Furthermore As well as
What’s more Likewise
Besides In addition
Moreover Similarly

#8. When giving a conclusion:

To summarize To conclude with
Lastly In short
Finally In conclusion

Make sure to grow your vocabulary for IELTS and learn more linking words to get high band score!

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