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Difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Test

Every year, thousands of people are moving to abroad for study, business or work. Whatever is your purpose, you need to pass IELTS exam so as to stay in that country. IELTS test is used to check your english language level. This test is very important as it is necessary to check English level of an individual who wish to move abroad. It examines whether you can stay in that country and how much familiar you are with that language. Your future communication will be in english only so you should achieve some required level in that language test. The test is accepted by 50+ countries over the globe and every year thousands of students appear in this test.

ielts general and ielts academicIELTS has set some criteria and every candidate has to attain that criteria so as to get clear through the test. Whether you are moving abroad for higher studies or other purpose, in both cases you need to pass this exam. IELTS offers you two types to choose from- Academic and General. Now the students are confused- which test should they opt among these two? Let’s discuss about both of these and decide which test would be better for an individual.

IELTS Academic Test

This test is associated with higher learning skills. It measures an individual’s proficiency in the Academic framework. The students who wish to move abroad for higher studies like graduation or post graduation course opt for this test. All those students who want admission in degree programs, medical programs or engineering programs etc, have to pass Academic test of IELTS. So in short, we can conclude that this test is appropriate for all those who are moving abroad for higher education after schooling.

IELTS Academic or ielts General Training

IELTS General Test

This test is used to assess the practical proficiency of an individual in English language in everyday framework. It is used to check whether one would be able to speak at desired level of English in other country. General test of IELTS is mostly chosen by the students seeking admission in secondary education or who want to go after a training program in abroad. This test is also taken by the people who want to migrate to English speaking countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia, US, Uk etc.

Hope, now you all understand the main objective of these two IELTS tests. Either you choose General IELTS or Academic IELTS, you need to prepare for all the four modules of IELTS- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The basic structure of the test will be same, the difference may lie in the type or difficulty level of the questions. Get complete Information about IELTS Test and preparation Tips.

How to prepare for IELTS test

prepare for ieltsTo prepare for IELTS test, you need to get assembled for all the modules of IELTS. You ought to be arranged in each module individually. If you are moderate in speaking and listening but weak in writing and reading, concentrate more on these weaker sections to balance all of them. You are rewarded with bands in IELTS test ranging from 1-9. You need to score required bands in each module and in total as well, to pass the exam. So prepare yourself with the best IELTS Coaching institute- British Ielts Coaching Institute. This institute has trained thousands of students in the past years, who got settled in different countries. If you really want to go abroad, visit Britishielts and score 7+ bands in IELTS. The institute has well equipped classrooms and highly experienced staff.

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