Wanna know more about IELTS? Check out these FAQs!

IELTS is indeed world’s most famous English Proficiency Test that anyone can take if he/she is interested in studying abroad. And you will be surprised to know that over 3 million students each year take this test in order to get into renowned graduate as well as postgraduate schools abroad.

So, if you are an IELTS aspirant who is willing to study abroad then there must be several questions in your mind. Right? No matter if your question is silly or complex if it’s regarding IELTS we are here to help!

So, let’s get you acquainted with some IELTS FAQ’s and their answers.

How many organizations accept IELTS Score?

IELTS is accepted by 6000 organizations all over the world that include universities, government agencies, and even multi-national companies.

Who owns IELTS?

IELTS is conjointly owned by IDP Australia, British Council and the University of Cambridge.

What are the two versions of the test?

The two versions of the test are Academic and General Training.

Academic Test is meant for those who are willing to study abroad and General Training for those who want to work abroad or are willing to migrate to an English Speaking Country.

What is the test format for the IELTS Exam?

IELTS basically consists of 4 parts namely:

  • Listening, which takes 30 minutes to complete
  • Reading, which takes 60 minutes to complete
  • Writing, which gain takes 60 minutes to complete
  • Speaking, which takes 11 to 14 minutes to complete

Is the whole test conducted on the same day?

Listening, Reading and Writing sections are taken on the same day but the date for the speaking module can vary up to seven days before or after the test date.

What is the best time to take IELTS test?

It totally depends on you and your preparation of the test as IELTS is available on 48 fixed dates every year.

What if somebody want’s to either postpone or cancel the test?

You can definitely cancel the test but only 5 weeks before the actual IELTS test date.  And in case of refund, you will be charged a small amount of administration fee.

What if somebody is sick on the day of the examination?

If you are ill on the day of the examination but you are able to submit a medical certificate within 5 days of time then your fee will be refunded but yes! A reasonable amount of administration fee will surely be deducted from the refund value.

Can somebody use a pen in the IELTS Reading or Listening module?

No, you cannot use a pen in either Reading or Listening module as the computer that is supposed to evaluate your score cannot read pen.

When do you receive your IELTS results? 

Your Test Report is posted to you on your given address after 13 days of the test date.

What are the passing marks for the IELTS test?

There’s no passing criteria as such, IELTS test is based on band score system where you can score a maximum of 9 bands. Though you need to score at least 6 bands in each module to get into a renowned university abroad.

For how long is your scorecard valid?

Your scorecard is valid for 2 years of time.

What if somebody loses his/her Test Report Form?

You can avail at least 5 copies of your Test Report Form free of cost. Additional copies will be sent to you only after you pay a small amount of administration fee.

What if you feel your result is wrong?

If you feel so, you can apply for an “enquiry on results”, at your test center and that too within six days of time. But do remember that you will have to pay an enquiry fee which is fully refundable if there is an increase in your band score.

So, we hope that the above mentioned IELTS FAQ’s were helpful and answered some of your questions that were troubling your mind for a long time.

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