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Answers are contingent on the phrase of the Questions

Tests are scary, possibly because they directly challenge the crowd that we all are equal. All people do not possess equal opportunities but a test performance decide whether you will be given that opportunity or not. IELTS is a good example of this.

“Equality of opportunity is freedom but equality of outcome is repression”

IELTS test is widely known test that examines the English language level of an individual. It grades people after assessing their performance in exam. IELTS is essential for those who wish to move to the countries where English is the prime language for communication. Whether they move abroad for work, for higher studies or for permanent residency, they have to pass through this exam to enjoy their life ahead. So it would be better to know how to enhance English skills for IELTS test.

IELTS exam preparationSome tests include Cultural biased questions where the question wording favors one cultural group over another. But IELTS test is designed by experts who are well known about the difference between access to, or exclusion from the type of the questions. IELTS test is a smart creation which is different for the students who want to enter into academics and for those who want to start their professional life in abroad.

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When we are aware that the questions can have intellectual outcomes, we should try to develop very fair test. Academic IELTS which is meant to test the skills of the students who want to get admission to the foreign schools. So, the questions should focus to measure the aptitude skills of an individual. Nobody would like, if the mathematics exam will carry a question of a roulette wheel of a casino. However, this roulette wheel may be included for framing the question of probability but it can be a disadvantage for a candidate who do not possess a knowledge of gambling or belongs to a culture where gambling is not allowed. IELTS know the structure of the test and is enough intelligent to make the test keeping in view all the possible outcomes. Also read- what is the examiner looking for?

Of course, the answer is totally dependent upon the phrase of the question. For example, if you ask “Would you like to have a beef that is 80% lean?”, the most of the answers drawn out would say yes. However if you change the phrase ”Would you like to have a beef that contains 20% fat?”, the answer will get transformed. Recently a test was conducted asking the students “What is the religion of Barack Obama?” 18% people answered Muslim. See how many more have answered it incorrectly if the questions was phrased like” Do you know the religion of Barack Hussein Obama?”

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According to the studies, it has been analysed that the frame or order of the questions and even the sequence of the response options influence the answer of the respondent. IELTS approach is recognized as very fair, unbiased, reliable and valid to all candidates irrespective of their cultural background, nationality, gender etc. So nobody has to worry about the IELTS exam content. Just focus on your preparation. Join the best IELTS coaching institute and win the battle.

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