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5 Steps to ACE the IELTS Listening Hurdle

Knowing how to read and write English doesn’t always convert into high band in your IELTS. Because believe it or not, the listening section can be a bumping block. As many somehow fail to understand the accents of an English narrator.

An IELTS listening test constitutes of four divisions, in the order of augmenting complexity. The first two sections of this 40 minutes exam are assigned to social needs, while the other two are meant for understanding your English listening proficiency by painting a scenario. Browse till the end, as we’ve listed 5-step strategy to ACE your IELTS listening:

1. Get Yourself Familiar With the British Accents

Don’t think by shifting from your regional entertainment to Hollywood movies and English music can help you ace the IELTS listening. Instead, go for some real British stuff like BBC news channels, British radio stations to get familiar with their tones. And, keep it very clear in mind that TOFEL features American accents, while IELTS British accents, never coincide them.

2. Follow the Instructions Properly

Though it’s no trick, it is fundamental and critical to read the instructions presented on the front page of the question paper carefully. Until and unless instructed, don’t turn the first page. If the point in the instruction ask you not to write more than five words, adhere this as you will not get any extra marks for over attempt, and there are odds you may lose some.

3. In Case the Tape Is Faulty

Don’t think and wait a second, if you find the tape is not working properly during the first couple of introductory sentences, inform the invigilator. So as a rule of thumb listen carefully upfront and ensure that the audio is working well uninterrupted. Take a note, once the tests start the audio tape cannot be stopped.

4. Questions Are Arranged in Line With Oral Text

Stress and anxiety come associated with IELTS listening exam; Owing this your mind wandered and lost Track of a couple of sentences, what to do now? Don’t panic and derail your IELTS endeavor, just quickly go through the following questions and see where the narrators have gone. Follow this tip, as this will help you to better focus on the current question without worrying about the previous ones.

5. Transfer Your Answers Carefully

In this 40 minute exam, 30 minutes are meant for tape, while 10 minutes to put your answers on the answer brochure provided by the invigilator. Write carefully, might seem obvious, but many lose makes accidentally writing answers in an incorrect order.

These five steps will assist you to ACE your IELTS listening section if you are well prepared for the exam. For that join British IELTS class.

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