5 ielts speaking tips

5 IELTS Speaking Tips to Leave a Mark in the Back of Your Interviewer’s Mind

How is your preparation going for IELTS, next week? What is your strategy for the verbal part, perhaps flipping “Julius Caesar” or the mother of all newspaper “Wall Street Journal.” All these are great ways to crack an IELTS speaking exam, this is what the specialists of IELTS probably suggest. However, the real truth is still concealed under the blanket of popular tales and myths.

Read till the end to take a look at the top five IELTS speaking tips you must know to leave a mark in the back of your interviewer’s mind

1. Grammar is all I need- A big “No”’

Brewing like a typical ESL learner with your head submerged in BBC English grammar practice books all day long? In this age of smart work, are you are still obeying the old suite of hard work? Only when both “smart and hard work” go hand in hand, you can accomplish all your life’s feasible dreams and aims.

Since you have a limited amount of time, and above all your vocal skills are average; don’t focus too much on learning the true craft of speaking fluent English with proper grammar. Learn a few sentences structure that will help you to get a high score beyond your expectations. And enhance your pronunciation as this is the first and the last thing IELTS interviewers notice in a candidate.

2. Extend You Answer- Go “on and on”

5 ielts speaking tips
If there is one piece of last-minute advice for IELTS exam, it is to extend your answer appropriately. To better understand it, let’s take an example:

Question- How many languages do you speak?

Answer- English, and Dutch (This is probably what we all do)

Answer- Dutch is my motherland language, and I’ve been learning English since I was 8. (extended answer)

However, it is also advisable not to overdo this tip, otherwise, you may go off topic, and your statement may look coherence.

3. Don’t Correct Yourself

It is probably amongst the best IELTS speaking tips. Many candidates have a weird habit of correcting themselves while speaking during an interview or test like the IELTS verbal exam. For instance, I had done my matriculation from St. Stephen High School- “No No” I have! That’s not the way to go.

Give yourself the benefit of doubt- the interviewer might not notice the error in your sentence. It is just like, requesting your math professor to cut one marks of your wrong if she missed that.

4. Use the Word “Pardon”

It’s not a listening test. So, if you are unable to understand the question or the voice of the interrogator is not audible, gently request him to repeat- you will not be penalized for it!

5. Think Fluency- No Clever Words

While speaking most of us use simple English words in contrast to when we have a pen in your hand. Sometimes, IELTS candidates in pursuit to impress the examiner, use clever words without knowing the real meaning. This, in turn, hampers their fluency and lead to wrong sentences.

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