IELTS Listening Tips

5 Essential Tips to Improve your IELTS Listening Score!

What did I just listen? Oh No, I missed it! Does that sound as if it was you? Well, unlike you, there are many other students who go through this situation during their IELTS listening exam. So, do you want that to happen with you? I’m sure, you don’t!

So, before you appear for an IELTS listening exam, it is advisable to go through some essential tips that will help you improve your listening skills. But before that, first thing you need to keep in mind is that pattern for listening exam is always the same and the time limit is 30 minutes. Also, the general and academic exam is same.

Have a look!

1.Read the instructions carefully: It is an important part of IELTS listening exam, as going through the instructions carefully might help you get an idea about the word usage. Like, if the instruction says not to use more than 2 words and you use 3 instead, it will lead to a wrong answer.

2.Predict the topic: Predicting the topic can help you understand what the subject of conversation is. This will help you get an idea and picture in your mind. Apart from that, predicting the questions may help you quickly answer. So, make sure when you start listening, you get an idea about who is speaking to whom and on what context.

3.Be careful with questions’ ordering: Questions order can eventually change, so you need to be quite aware of it. Sometimes, you will get a diagram and sometimes a table or a chart. Also, the question might not proceed from left to right, so beware, else you will get lost between the questions.

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4.Don’t stick to one question: If you think, the question is too tricky or too difficult to answer, it is advised to move on without wasting much time. Even if you have missed a few questions, it may not necessarily affect your IELTS listening band score. So, don’t panic and start attempting other question.

5.Underline the keywords: While looking at the questions, particularly the 3 rd and 4th part, underline the keywords, like (place, date, and name), as it will help you hear and predict the answer easily.

Try these IELTS listening tips and you will surely get through your IELTS listening exam.

Good Luck!

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