5 Common Errors IELTS Students Make In IELTS Written Test

“To err is a human”. Making mistakes is in human nature but it cost a lot when you are attempting your IELTS writing test. You get a tight deadline of 60 mins (task 1:20 minutes and task 2:40 minutes). This one hour witness many silly errors. Lets know some of the IELTS Writing Test tips to crack it with good bands.

We get a lot of queries regarding how to avoid mistakes and take an error-free IELTS writing test. Check with this article on how to resist from making a blunder. Below given are the 5 commonly done mistakes by the candidates in their writing portion of the IELTS test.

Vocabulary and Grammar Hits: Well although this counts on as one of the basic mistakes. Vocabulary and grammatical faults are common. Incorrect framing of sentences, wrong use of prepositions, verbs and pronouns, and the other linguistic errors. All they are suggested to have a writing tutor first. To dodge trapping in the grammatical fuss, write an article which consist of short and to the point sentences.

Unnecessarily Penning Down: Students often make mistakes in their IELTS writing test by penning down the whole story that is not even related to the question. It is crucial that you should know whatever you write, it should be written appropriately. Do Not repeat the entire question so as not to make the article irrelevant. Be very particular in picking out the keywords from the passage (if required) and use it smartly.

IELTS Written TestsUnderstand The Question: This should be taken as the foremost thing to remember. Many candidates make this mistake, Without acknowledging the meaning of the question they head next to write down its answer. You will certainly make a blunder if you don’t understand the question that is being asked. Students also misconstrue the given instructions that is the root-cause of any problem.

Don’t Be Personal!: In the essay, Avoid using pronouns like You, I, We, Our, Us, etc.. Doing this will fetch you negative marks in the test. Using it several times will show up as submission of inappropriate stuff. Follow these tips for not making your essay sound non-academic and vague. The trick to overcome this problem is to write the article in passive voice.

Give Proper Instance: Always try to tag a justified example to all your given answers. If you’re adding an adequate instance to what you are writing in a test paper, that means you are successful in proving the authenticity of your answer. The apt way to do it is to set a real life, existing truth of any organization, event, place, etc.

Worry not, If you’ve already done these mistakes before. Start preparing yourself with the given aforementioned IELTS Writing tips and tricks from today itself!

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