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4 Ways to Hack Your PTE Exam

Now, that’s done and dusted- you are decided on migrating to a foreign nation for your higher or further education. But, don’t think gleaning high bands in PTE test is a stroll in the park. Only, if all the bases (speaking, reading, listening, and writing) of PTE are covered, you can hope to make the cut-off of your dream international university. Here we’ve highlighted top three tips to hack your PTE exam:

1. The Written Exam- Hit the Ball out of the Park

While attempting the PTE written assignments, ensure that you are using punctuation: commas, full stops, capital letters, and more, in a grammatically correct manner and order. For summarizing the text part, write somewhere between 5 to 75 words with a single stop at the end. Now, moving to essay writing, you will be asked to write a seamlessly fluid 200-300 words article with no grammar error and logical correct piece of writing. The only and the most significant thing to keep in mind while getting started with essay assignment is not to embed off topic information in it. Since the word length is less compared to IELTS exam, so the heart of your essay should be inline with the title or the theme given to you.

2. The Speaking Exam- Don’t Stop, Go on and on

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The mantra to attain the maximum score in your PTE speaking is responded quickly and keep on speaking. Otherwise, the microphone will automatically stop the recording after 3 seconds of silence, and your months of hard work will descend without a fair trial. 30 to 40 seconds depending upon the complexity and uniqueness of the topic will be given to start with your proceeding, you, therefore, with an open mind understand the topic and get on with in no time.

3. The Listening Exam- Stay Conscious

Our “old timers” say one should be conscious to achieve all life’s goals and objectives, likewise for the PTE listening section focus on every word pronounce by the “machine”. As at any point you step out of being conscious, there you lose it!.

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4. The Reading Exam- Don’t Let the MCQs’ Go off the Hook

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A PTE reading exam typically constitutes: Multiple choices, Choose multiple answers, Re-order paragraphs. What would be your approach to ace the reading section? Of course, taking care of the re-order paragraph first, and then MCQs’ are just icing on the cake. Well, that’s a wise man tactic, if you good at managing time. On the other side, you can start with MCQ’s, they may look easy,scoring, but they are quite bewildering to deal with when you are left with only 10 to 15 minutes.

Concluding thought, your dreams are big, so should be your preparation. Get your name enrolled in one of the top PTE coaching centres in Chandigarh, British IELTS.

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