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10 Common Questions for IELTS Writing Task 2, Academic Module

It is well said that preparation is the master key to any endeavour, and when it comes to IELTS written exam you got to be a step ahead. IELTS academic is a 60 minutes exam, compromising of two writing tasks.  

Task 1: For this first part, you will be required to write a 150 words content based on some pictorial information or graphic.

Task 2: The second task is quite demanding compared to task 1, you have to craft a written argument of 250 words on a specific topic. Since the second one is longer than task 1, the candidates are advised to follow 20:40 minutes strategy.

Some Common IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 Topics

Are schools doing enough for enough environment education? What are your opinions for this?

States investment in the field of art and cultural is just a waste of money, instead, put this money in the health sector. To what extent you agree with the above statement?

Since education is not a luxury, but a human’s moral right, it should be made free all, irrespective of personal wealth. Do you agree or disagree?

Do you agree that the headways in the vertical technology have done more than good to the society?

Many say international sports events contribute to world peace. Are you for or against this statement?Today, young spend most of their pastime in malls; this has a negative impact on them and society.  To what extent you agree or disagree with the above statement?

Is it is fundamental for parents to undergo parenting training course to raise their children?

Nowadays, unemployment is one of the biggest issues of contemporary society. What do you think the main causes of unemployment?

Augmenting the price of both petrol and diesel can solve the growing traffic and population problems. What is your opinion for this?

Attitude is as significant as knowledge in a test situation. Do you agree or disagree?

These ten common questions in IELTS writing task 2 under academic module are mere glimpse and don’t think you are going to attain high bands by though this question only.  Join British IELTS classes to give wings to your dream of studying overseas in one of the most premier university.

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